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Leadbetter | Peacekeeper | Battle Relic Olive Drab

Leadbetter | Peacekeeper | Battle Relic Olive Drab

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Leadbetter Guitar Co formed around the idea of this very guitar. After 18 months of prototyping and development, we are so pleased to be introducing you to 'The Peacekeeper'. 
The Mission Statement: Let's make something fun! A real mash-up of our favourite guitars. Let's keep it Australian made and most importantly, let's make sure it's a reasonable price.
The Specs:
  • "Danelectro" inspired body construction finished in Battle Relic Olive Drab. Birch Ply skeleton with masonite top and back plates. 
  • Custom built QLD maple neck with rosewood fretboard from JMB.
  • Super slim C shape “Anti-Fatigue” neck profile, medium frets, bone nut, 25.5” scale length. 
  • Stainless steel neck bolts with insert nuts.
  • Custom made "Wheeler Tone Anchor" stainless steel bridge a solid brass tone bar and Wilkinson compensated brass saddles.
  • JJ's '57 Sovereign PAF Humbucking pickups, hand wound for us in the Ben Bailey custom pickup shop in Adelaide.
  • Gotoh 3 on a plate Tuning Keys.
  • Hand made and printed industrial design control and name plates.
  • Precision set-up from Nepean Music Workshop.

The Shipping:

Shipping within Australia Flat Rate: $59

Shipping to the USA Flat Rate: $350 AUD

Mission accomplished.

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