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Tokai | Tradition LP JR | Leadbetter Rabid Dog Relic | Dimarzio Loaded | #DL2

Tokai | Tradition LP JR | Leadbetter Rabid Dog Relic | Dimarzio Loaded | #DL2

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The second collaboration between Nepean Music Workshop and Leadbetter Guitar Co is here: 

The Tokai LP JR DC | Leadbetter Rabid Dog Relic

#DL2 Light/Medium Relic

The Story:

We took 6 Tokai (MIC) 'Love Rock' Traditional Series LP JR Guitars. Stripped them of their thick poly finish and tastefully relic’d the body and neck of each one to give them the look and feel of a much older, worn in player's guitar. A new thin skin matte finish, tinted with yellow, was applied. 

Here’s where it gets really cool. All factory electronics were removed and we’ve installed an all American Dimarzio signal path. We have chosen the incredible  Dimarzio Fantom P-90. It has a traditional 50’s style P-90 voicing, with slightly higher output and noiseless operation. Dimarzio 500k Pots get the most out of the P-90, allowing superb clarity and sheen. The tone pot also features an Orange Drop capacitor. Dimarzio (Switchcraft)Jack socket.

Each of these guitars have been beautifully set-up by Joel in our workshop. The rosewood fretboards have been pre-aged, frets polished and fretboard shoulders rolled to give a smooth and played in feel. 

12 Month Nepean Music Warranty 
Original Tokai Pro Gig Bag Included. 

Shipping anywhere in Australia: FLAT RATE $25

Shipping to the USA: FLAT RATE $320AUD

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